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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> more snow is on the way. it could make for a messy start to the workweek. >> well it is not going to be a blizzard but snow is on the way. >> there are advisories and warnings for the area. >> hi, sam. >> hi, this afternoon the national weather service has posted a winter storm warning for long island and for gnaw nassau county. and in the city we have an advisory.
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this is a storm to the south and passing by tomorrow. we have the colder air moving in and looking at snow on monday and in the winter storm warning area we are forecasting significant snow, that means six inches or more. so here is a look at the snowfall. the snow starting at 3:00 a.m. and larsing throughout the morn morning afternoon. about r here in the city we are thinking three inches and this is kind of similar to friday with the highest amounts to the east. look at that, just up to the north and east, especially throughout rhode island and inches. the storm appears to take a northwest track and bringing in totals. the clouds are moving in.
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east. right now, temps are not bad, upper 30s and near 40. colder in sussex. the winds are picking up. the tonight the lows 29-32. the snow with us when we wake up in the morning. the worst is 6:00 in the morning through noon. >> thank you, sam. >> now to latest on the investigation into friday's crane collapse in tribeca. >> the crews are continuing to clean up the area and we have live at the scene with the latest. good evening. zachary.
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within working to clear the crane and it is gone now and changing the way that business is done on some level. this is video from level when the train collapsed in tribeca at 8:30 in morning. the mayor announced increased enforcement. >> well we have a clear intd kags 20-mile-per-hour the cranes will be coming the night before. >> the new plan includes new restrictions on the crawler cranes, more sidewalk protections and improved protections in the areas. in the context of a kron instruction boom, we don't want to leave any stones urn turned
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>> one person was killed and others injured. the xru crews are assessing the structural damage. a 135 firefighters rushed to the scene. the folks in the neighborhood makes sense of the situation. the exact cause is unknown. thursday. >> thank you. >> in the meantime, family aend bts friends of the man killed saying a final farewell today for the 38-year-old. relatives called him a math matt cal wizard. unbearable. >> we were each other's best
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he was the most kindest person i ever met. david, i am devastated that i have to live my life without. >> the investigation into the leak at the indian point nuclear facility is continuing. the plant's owner reported levels of activity on one of the percent. it claims that the technological -- contamination is maintained to the site. the plant is 35 miles north of the city. mayor. >> one of the nypd officers shot hospital.
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she was shot on the abdomen. it is some time before being released. per partner was shot in the check and released from the hospital on friday. >> governor christie is making a last stand in the race for the white house and coming out swinging in the republican debate. >> the fading poll numbers and we have a break down. >> he simply doesn't the experience to be the president of the united states. >> it was the last republican candidates debate before tuesday's primary in new hampshire. it looking like a wwe match and governor christie smack down. there were body blows. >> this notion that obama doesn't know what he doesn't doing he does. >> some think that the writing
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sunday he's saying it is too soon to count him out. he's in second to last place with 3%, and rubio's performance may have not resolved the voter's doubts. >> there are a lot of undecided. >> there is an x factor, 44% of the new hampshire voters are undecided, if not declared a party they can choose to vote a democrat or a republican at the polls. >> the two democrats fighting continued the campaigning today. sanders promised to eliminate the level of income inequality in the country and clinton went
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>> we work long hours, 58% of all new income goes to top 1%. >> what happened in flint is immoral. children of flint are just as precious as the children of any other part of america. >> >> sanders took time to laugh and appeared on saturday night live. >> there is a new resolution coming up with new sanctions and using ballistic missile technology is a violation of the security council resolutions dating back to 2006. that statement was approved by the councilmembers today. the communist nation claims that the rocket launch was an atent
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>> the deaths are growing in taiwan after the earthquake. more thoon a hundred people are still missing in the rubble. 170 people were rescued. the rescues are continuing. the authorities say it appear more than 20-year-old high-rise building didn't meet the earthquake construction. >> a teen battling cancer gets a gift of a lifetime. >> >> zinging feeling. >> smurfs are taking streets in germany looking to break look, i know you're and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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>> a young teenager battling cancer receives a surprise of a lifetime. >> alex always wanted to meet a broncos player and thanks to social media, his wish was granted. earlier this week the tight end visited alex at the hospital and making it even better, giving him super bowl tickets.
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what he's going through, we are giving him the tickets and it means a lot to me and to know he's really appreciating it. >> super bowl game is approach approaching and the tickets are the most ebbs pensive in the history of the game. the cheapest just under $3,000. the most expensive 11 grand. if you live near the stadium, stubhub is saying that the people are purchasing the tickets up to the start of the event. >> wisconsin winterfest, a number of cars sinking through the eyes ice. >> 15 vehicles were parked on the ice>>ed however that began
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the vehicles when falling into the water and the tow trucks got them out. >> my understanding that is customerary for the event. that is a scarey feeling. >> can you imagine seeing your car sinking in front of you? . >> no. i am just nervous would being on it. >> it is not so cold here. sometimes the rivers or the ponds freeze up. we have had cold spells but not as colds a last year. we are talking about snow for monday. and significant snow is possible east of new york city. especially suffolk county in the bull's eye again. four to six inches for the twin forks.
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the storm is out of here, another coastal low is trying to develop and basically that keep us the snow showers in the forecast throughout tuesday and tuesday night and into wednesday morning. into the weekend, once the storms are gone, we'll see the sunshine and a blast of cold where daytime highs in the 20s and low 30s. a look at almanac, not bad, up to 47. nice this morning when we had the sunshine. warmer than normal. the average high is 40 degrees. in the morning at 33. the record high 54. right now not too bad. central park 42. chilly monticello 36. 38 sussex. northeast breeze starting to pick up. 37 islip and 40 in montauk.
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out throughout tomorrow the temperatures are going to fall as the storm is passing by and dragging in the colder air. we are seeing the first clouds ahead of the storm coming up. the precipitation still a bit ways off. you can see this low pressure system, the storm is taking shape, lots of moisture with it and intensifying tomorrow. on the heels of this, a storm one building in the great lakes and funneling in the old air. okay, so first up tonight the clouds are thickening up. this is 9:00 tomorrow morning. snow is starting between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m., picking up quickly. so for monday morning commute. snow is coming down and the darker shades of blue here,
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we have to watch where they are setting up: for higher totals. it is snowing at a good slip until noon and then the storm pushes to the north add east and big crashes waves and beach erosion. tomorrow night and tuesday morning mainly cloudy. the next system develops and you are seeing the snow showers are sticking us with throughout the day on tuesday and picking up the minor accumulations on into wednesday morning. again, we are looking at the snow totals map, up to two inches up the northern hudson valley. around the city 2-4. up to 10 inches for suffolk county. temperatures all day tarm are following. the snow, the worst of it before noon.
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then. there we go. the heavy snow is coming your way tomorrow morning and clearing up and some sunshine, breezy and getting much, much colder saturday and sunday and highs in the 20s. pay back for a warm december. >> replica of friday? >> exactly. the higher amounts to the east. >> the people in northern italy are continuing a tradition and holding the battle of the oranges. hundreds of people were throwing oranges at each other and the tradition dates back to the middle ages. it is one of the oldest in the world. >> more than 2,000 people dressed as smurfs and gathered in germany and looking to break a record. they lost by a margin.
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up to beat the record from 2009. the event took a year preparing. [laughter] >> i'm sorry. >> they are proud of their efforts. >> should we be afraid? look at this. >> wow. >> we are letting this roll. >> let's see it. >> really? >> we have a little gig called
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>> we are just minutes away in the kickoff of super bowl 50. which could be the final time we see peyton manning on the field. according to the report in the new york post, jeremy shocky was questioned by the fbi for the relationship with owen hanson and he was charged for running a drug and gambling ring. he was unaware of the el lyle dealings and believed that hanson was just a businessman. he soernted with a number of the athletes athletes. >> all right, earlier in the day, knicks got anthony back. after a bad first half, the knicks woke up in the third. the knicks up 74-73.
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knicks just couldn't finished. driving in, reverse layup. denvers wins it. the knicks lost five straight. congratulations to drew hunter of virginia who broke allen webbs' high school record for the mile at the army track invitational yesterday. more than a second better than the 2001 historic record. drew hunter is back in new york running at the melrose games on february 20th. tickets are available. coming up, more on super bowl 50, broncos and the panthers and
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>> for the second straight week, kung fu panda racks in 211 $211 million. it earned now $69 million. >> the cone brothers finished in second place. the "revenant" and star wars and the choice rounding out the top five. >> we have a final look at the weather. >> more snow to kick off the workweek, it is going to be a messy commute and the heavy east east of long island. the snow developing around 3:00 a.m. this morning. late in the afternoon, we start to see the snow tapering off and the storm is out of here quickly. we have the 7 day forecast, because that snow is sticking with us for tuesday and
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not so much expected then. once we get rid of the snow by thursday, an blast of cold for the weekend. 20s and 30s. >> thank you, sam. >> that is it for us at 6:00. >> see you back here at 10:00. >> inside edition is coming up next. aha!
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